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morphio::Soma Class Reference

#include <soma.h>

Public Member Functions

range< const Point > points () const noexcept
 Return the coordinates (x,y,z) of all soma points.
range< const floatType > diameters () const noexcept
 Return the diameters of all soma points.
SomaType type () const noexcept
 Return the soma type.
Point center () const
 Return the center of gravity of the soma points.
floatType volume () const
floatType surface () const
floatType maxDistance () const


class Morphology
class mut::Soma

Detailed Description

A class to represent a neuron soma.

This class provides functions to query information about the soma of a neuron.

Typically the soma is described as the poly-line of the projection of the soma onto a plane, where the plane normal points in the vertical direction in the local coordinate system of the morphology. In other cases the poly-line is not projected onto a plane, but is an approximation of the countour of the soma as seen in an orhogonal projection down the vertical axis (this is basically the same as before, but the vertical coordinate is not 0 for all the points). This class can also be used for both descriptions as well as somas simply approximated as spheres.

The coordinates system used by a soma will be in the same as the brain::Morphology from where it comes.


Member Function Documentation

◆ maxDistance()

floatType morphio::Soma::maxDistance ( ) const

Return the maximum distance between the center of gravity and any of the soma points

◆ surface()

floatType morphio::Soma::surface ( ) const

Return the soma surface
" Note: the soma surface computation depends on the soma type

◆ volume()

floatType morphio::Soma::volume ( ) const

Return the soma volume
" Note: the soma volume computation depends on the soma type