morphio::vasculature::Vasculature Class Reference

#include <vasculature.h>

Read API

 Vasculature (const std::string &source)
 Vasculature (Vasculature &&)=default
virtual ~Vasculature ()=default
Vasculatureoperator= (const Vasculature &)=default
Vasculatureoperator= (Vasculature &&)=default
std::vector< Sectionsections () const
Section section (uint32_t id) const
const std::vector< uint32_t > sectionOffsets () const noexcept
const Points & points () const noexcept
const std::vector< morphio::floatType > & diameters () const noexcept
const std::vector< property::SectionType::Type > & sectionTypes () const noexcept
const std::vector< morphio::vasculature::property::Connection::Type > & sectionConnectivity () const noexcept
graph_iterator begin () const
graph_iterator end () const

Detailed Description

The entry-point class to access vasculature(blood) data

By design, it is the equivalent of the Morphology class but at the vasculature level. As the Morphology class, it implements a section accessor and a root section accessor returning views on the Properties object for the queried vasculature section.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Vasculature()

morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::Vasculature ( const std::string &  source)

Open the given source to a vasculature file and parse it.

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

graph_iterator morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::begin ( ) const

graph iterator pointing to the begin

◆ diameters()

const std::vector< morphio::floatType > & morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::diameters ( ) const

Return a vector with all diameters from all sections

◆ end()

graph_iterator morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::end ( ) const

graph iterator pointing to the end

◆ points()

const Points & morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::points ( ) const

Return a vector with all points from all sections

◆ section()

Section morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::section ( uint32_t  id) const

Return the Section with the given id.

RawDataErrorif the id is out of range

◆ sectionConnectivity()

const std::vector<morphio::vasculature::property::Connection::Type>& morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::sectionConnectivity ( ) const

Return a vector with all the connections between sections

◆ sectionOffsets()

const std::vector<uint32_t> morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::sectionOffsets ( ) const

Returns a list with offsets to access data of a specific section in the points and diameters arrays. p Example: accessing diameters of n'th section will be located in the Vasculature::diameters array from diameters[sectionOffsets(n)] to diameters[sectionOffsets(n+1)-1]

Note: for convenience, the last point of this array is the points() array size so that the above example works also for the last section.

◆ sections()

std::vector<Section> morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::sections ( ) const

Return a vector containing all section objects.

◆ sectionTypes()

const std::vector< property::SectionType::Type > & morphio::vasculature::Vasculature::sectionTypes ( ) const

Return a vector with the section type of every section