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morphio::mut::Mitochondria Class Reference

#include <mitochondria.h>

Public Member Functions

const std::vector< MitoSectionP > & children (const MitoSectionP &) const
 Get the Section children.
const MitoSectionP & section (uint32_t id) const
const std::map< uint32_t, MitoSectionP > & sections () const noexcept
 Returns the dictionary id -> Section for this tree.
mito_depth_iterator depth_begin () const
mito_depth_iterator depth_begin (const MitoSectionP &section) const
mito_depth_iterator depth_end () const
mito_breadth_iterator breadth_begin () const
mito_breadth_iterator breadth_begin (const MitoSectionP &section) const
mito_breadth_iterator breadth_end () const
mito_upstream_iterator upstream_begin () const
mito_upstream_iterator upstream_begin (const MitoSectionP &section) const
mito_upstream_iterator upstream_end () const
const MitoSectionP & parent (const MitoSectionP &parent) const
bool isRoot (const MitoSectionP &section) const
const std::vector< MitoSectionP > & rootSections () const noexcept
MitoSectionP appendRootSection (const Property::MitochondriaPointLevel &pointProperties)
MitoSectionP appendRootSection (const morphio::MitoSection &, bool recursive=false)
MitoSectionP appendRootSection (const MitoSectionP &, bool recursive=false)
const MitoSectionP & mitoSection (uint32_t id) const
void _buildMitochondria (Property::Properties &properties) const


class MitoSection

Detailed Description

Mutable(editable) morphio::Mitochondria

Member Function Documentation

◆ _buildMitochondria()

void morphio::mut::Mitochondria::_buildMitochondria ( Property::Properties properties) const

Fill the 'properties' variable with the mitochondria data

◆ appendRootSection() [1/2]

MitoSectionP morphio::mut::Mitochondria::appendRootSection ( const morphio::MitoSection ,
bool  recursive = false 

Append a root MitoSection

If recursive == true, all descendent mito sections will be appended as well

◆ appendRootSection() [2/2]

MitoSectionP morphio::mut::Mitochondria::appendRootSection ( const Property::MitochondriaPointLevel pointProperties)

Append a new root MitoSection

◆ breadth_begin()

mito_breadth_iterator morphio::mut::Mitochondria::breadth_begin ( ) const

Breadth first iterator

If id == -1, the iteration will be successively performed starting at each root section

◆ depth_begin()

mito_depth_iterator morphio::mut::Mitochondria::depth_begin ( ) const

Depth first iterator starting at a given section id

If id == -1, the iteration will start at each root section, successively

◆ isRoot()

bool morphio::mut::Mitochondria::isRoot ( const MitoSectionP &  section) const

Return true if section is a root section

◆ parent()

const MitoSectionP& morphio::mut::Mitochondria::parent ( const MitoSectionP &  parent) const

Return the parent mithochondrial section ID

◆ rootSections()

const std::vector< Mitochondria::MitoSectionP > & morphio::mut::Mitochondria::rootSections ( ) const

Return the list of IDs of all mitochondrial root sections (sections whose parent ID are -1)

◆ section()

const MitoSectionP& morphio::mut::Mitochondria::section ( uint32_t  id) const

Get the shared pointer for the given section

Note: multiple morphologies can share the same Section instances.

◆ upstream_begin()

mito_upstream_iterator morphio::mut::Mitochondria::upstream_begin ( ) const

Upstream first iterator

If id == -1, the iteration will be successively performed starting at each root section