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morphio::mut::Soma Class Reference

#include <soma.h>

Public Member Functions

 Soma (const Soma &soma)=default
 Soma (const Property::PointLevel &pointProperties)
 Soma (const morphio::Soma &soma)
std::vector< Point > & points () noexcept
 Return the coordinates (x,y,z) of all soma points.
const std::vector< Point > & points () const noexcept
std::vector< morphio::floatType > & diameters () noexcept
 Return the diameters of all soma points.
const std::vector< morphio::floatType > & diameters () const noexcept
const SomaTypetype () const noexcept
 Return the soma type.
SomaTypetype () noexcept
 Return the soma type.
Point center () const
floatType surface () const
floatType maxDistance () const
Property::PointLevelproperties () noexcept
const Property::PointLevelproperties () const noexcept


class Morphology

Detailed Description

Mutable(editable) morphio::Soma

Member Function Documentation

◆ center()

Point morphio::mut::Soma::center ( ) const

Return the center of gravity of the soma points

◆ maxDistance()

floatType morphio::mut::Soma::maxDistance ( ) const

Return the maximum distance between the center of gravity and any of the soma points

◆ surface()

floatType morphio::mut::Soma::surface ( ) const

Return the soma surface Note: the soma surface computation depends on the soma type