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morphio::mut::Soma Class Reference

#include <soma.h>

Public Member Functions

 Soma (const Soma &soma)=default
 Soma (const Property::PointLevel &pointProperties)
 Soma (const morphio::Soma &soma)
std::vector< Point > & points () noexcept
 Return the coordinates (x,y,z) of all soma points.
const std::vector< Point > & points () const noexcept
std::vector< morphio::floatType > & diameters () noexcept
 Return the diameters of all soma points.
const std::vector< morphio::floatType > & diameters () const noexcept
SomaType type () const noexcept
 Return the soma type.
Point center () const
floatType surface () const
floatType maxDistance () const
Property::PointLevelproperties () noexcept
const Property::PointLevelproperties () const noexcept


class Morphology

Detailed Description

Mutable(editable) morphio::Soma

Member Function Documentation

◆ center()

Point morphio::mut::Soma::center ( ) const

Return the center of gravity of the soma points

◆ maxDistance()

floatType morphio::mut::Soma::maxDistance ( ) const

Return the maximum distance between the center of gravity and any of the soma points

◆ surface()

floatType morphio::mut::Soma::surface ( ) const

Return the soma surface Note: the soma surface computation depends on the soma type