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morphio::MitoSection Class Reference

#include <mito_section.h>

Inheritance diagram for morphio::MitoSection:
morphio::SectionBase< MitoSection >

Public Member Functions

mito_depth_iterator depth_begin () const
mito_depth_iterator depth_end () const
mito_breadth_iterator breadth_begin () const
mito_breadth_iterator breadth_end () const
mito_upstream_iterator upstream_begin () const
mito_upstream_iterator upstream_end () const
range< const uint32_t > neuriteSectionIds () const
range< const floatType > diameters () const
range< const floatType > relativePathLengths () const
bool hasSameShape (const MitoSection &other) const noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from morphio::SectionBase< MitoSection >
bool operator== (const SectionBase &other) const noexcept
bool operator!= (const SectionBase &other) const noexcept
bool isRoot () const
MitoSection parent () const
std::vector< MitoSectionchildren () const
uint32_t id () const noexcept
range< const typename TProperty::Type > get () const

Protected Member Functions

 MitoSection (uint32_t id, const std::shared_ptr< Property::Properties > &morphology)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from morphio::SectionBase< MitoSection >
 SectionBase (uint32_t id, const std::shared_ptr< Property::Properties > &properties)
range< const typename Property::Type > get () const


class SectionBase< MitoSection >
class mut::MitoSection
MitoSection Mitochondria::section (uint32_t) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from morphio::SectionBase< MitoSection >
uint32_t id_
SectionRange range_
std::shared_ptr< Property::Propertiesproperties_

Detailed Description

Mitochondria section

Member Function Documentation

◆ breadth_begin()

mito_breadth_iterator morphio::MitoSection::breadth_begin ( ) const

Breadth first search iterator

◆ depth_begin()

mito_depth_iterator morphio::MitoSection::depth_begin ( ) const

Depth first search iterator

◆ diameters()

range<const floatType> morphio::MitoSection::diameters ( ) const

Returns list of section's point diameters

◆ hasSameShape()

bool morphio::MitoSection::hasSameShape ( const MitoSection other) const

Return true if the both sections have the same neuriteSectionIds, diameters and relativePathLengths

◆ neuriteSectionIds()

range<const uint32_t> morphio::MitoSection::neuriteSectionIds ( ) const

Returns list of neuronal section IDs associated to each point

◆ relativePathLengths()

range<const floatType> morphio::MitoSection::relativePathLengths ( ) const

Returns list of relative distances between the start of the neuronal section and each point of the mitochondrial section
Note: - a relative distance of 0 means the mitochondrial point is at the beginning of the neuronal section

  • a relative distance of 1 means the mitochondrial point is at the end of the neuronal section

◆ upstream_begin()

mito_upstream_iterator morphio::MitoSection::upstream_begin ( ) const

Upstream first search iterator